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arr Cardoncelli with lamb
arr Mushroom Risotto





Whole, box weigth 400g


The pleurotus eryngii or mushrooms cardoncello althought it's not very known it is one of the savory mushrooms. The fresh mushroom has a high concentration of water and is a poor food of fats and they are present it all the principal aminoacidis and the vitamins with a good level, unusual in vegetable, of biotina. These characteristics and a value energetic meeting place they see the cardoncello largely employee in low-fat diets . The cardoncello for his discretion, that in a food, makes it not overhang the other tastes, is arousing the gastronomic interest of the best man-cook . His pleasant and delicate taste, always present, it makes this proper mushroom to indifferently be consumed raw, roast, fried, alone, with the pasta or with the rice, in dishes combining of meat, fish, vegetables or vegetables, maintaining unchanged his dowries organoleptic and for the most part exalting the ingredient in combination too.

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