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Tagliati - Confezione 400g


The Champignons are full of quality, not only on the culinary plan, but also from the nutritional point of view . They are rich of proteins, they contain an even superior quantity to potatoes, spinaches and whole milk of it and besides they contain, over the vitamins, the mineral salts, the potassium, the phosphorus, the manganese, the iron and the kick, also all the amino-acidis that are at the base of a correct feeding. For their low quantity of fat, they are recommended for low-fat diets , besides they bring necessary fibers to our organism for the beneficent operation of the intestine. The champignon also brings in our organism numerous enzymes, among which the prodigious Chitosano that, naturally inhibiting the intestinal absorption of the fats in excess, it favors the control of the weight.

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